Why do you need to define Target Audience for your Business?

Who do you sell your products to?

One of the most important questions is: Do you sell them to yourself?

Picture this:

Peter is passionate about software development and the newest software technologies. He has developed a product – medical software and is now entering the software business. His software helps doctors keep track of their patients and illnesses.

One day he meets his friend Mark, the doctor, and starts telling him about his product. Because he likes to talk about the latest technologies, he presents his product from his perspective. He describes what modern technologies it uses, how fast it is, how modern it looks and so on. He says nothing about how can the software ease Peters work. He describes the software from his point of view, all the time.

His friend, the doctor, doesn’t get anything Peter says because he doesn’t know anything about technology. And even it is his friend’s software he doesn’t decide to even try it.

Can you see what Peter has done? Can you spot his mistake?

Put yourself in their shoes

Many Business owners have tendency to market their products like they sell them to themselves – instead of selling them to their customers. If you are a lawyer and your prospects are lawyers it may be OK. But, if you sell to people with different needs you have to change your marketing efforts and focus on them.

Your marketing message has to identify with the needs and wants of your customers.

Look at your marketing message from your potential client perspective. In the same time see if you use the same language as them. Sometimes we use our industry jargon and it can be confusing and difficult for others to understand.

If you present the value of your services/products instead of their features, the easier will be for you to attract more leads and convert them to customers.

In other words:

Put yourself in the buyers shoes and define who needs your products most and why he would by them.

The same thing goes for your Business Online.

Picture this, as well:

That same guy, Peter. Because he is passionate about software development, he is active on Social Networks for Developers, like: Geeklist, GitHub, Bettercodes and others.

He develops his product, the medical software, and creates a website for it. And, now, he starts talking about his website on the social media where he is active and tells his friends about his product. But, those friends don’t need this type of software as they are all developers.

Do you see what I’m getting at?

Run your Business and Online Marketing with clearly defined Target Audience

narrow your target imageYou can’t start your Business, nor Online Marketing, without defined Target Audience. If you have defined Target Audience for your Business, you’ll know who to address to with your marketing messages.

Now, like never before, is very important to define Target Audience. If you are a small business owner you have to target small part of the market in order to be able to effectively compete with the big ones.

Many Businesses target “everyone”, but that is too general. Even “women only” or “men only” is too general nowadays.

By defining Targeted Audience you do not exclude other categories. You just won’t spend your marketing money in vain. You will rise your brand awareness to a specific part of the market who would most probably buy your products/services.

It is the most effective way to find potential buyers.

So, Happy Targeting.

Have you defined Target Audience for your Business? If yes, does your Website messages address this group?

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