Who should you write for

The most confusing question when you start writing Content is who should you write for?

Hubspot marketers always advice you to write for your Target Audience, but if you read Backlinco

“Deadly SEO Mistake #7 is Creating Content for Your Target Audience”.

What is true? Are you confused like me?

If you don’t write for your Audience, who else can you write for?

Every Business has minimum 2 Audiences (by default):

  1. Their Customers
  2. People from the same Industry


If you are in the Furniture business, there are people who would like to buy your Products: Sofa, Chairs, Tables. They are your Customers.

So, you can write articles on your Business Blog for them, your Customers. What do they like to hear from you?

They want to hear about the Quality of the Furniture, where is it made, Guaranties, Prices, Materials that it is made of..

But, you are in the Furniture Industry, too. There are professionals that know their business very well, and they know lots of insider things about the Furniture Business.

You could write for them, too.

Backlinco says that you need to write for People from your industry because they will share your content and put backlinks on their Websites if you write good articles.

Somewhat this is true, because your Customers don’t have Websites, they are buyers not businessmen with Websites.

Everybody knows that backlinks are the most important factor for Google to rank you among the top 10 results.

Hubspot, opposite to Backlinko has different approach, you need to write for your Targeted Audience.

What is Target Audience?

If you are in Furniture Business, and you sell Furniture, target audience is everyone who wants to buy Furniture. Those specialists in the Furniture Business are not your target audience.

Every new marketer sooner or later will meet this problem. Almost, every online marketing authority gives you Editorial Calendars, Tips and tricks how to write content for Audience, How to find new ideas about Content, but this question, who should you write for, is somehow unclear to newbies.

The truth and nothing but the truth is that you should write for both of them.

Why should you write for Both essential Audiences that we defined above?

Let’s explain this now.

For example:

Let’s say that you are Digital Marketing Agency and you offer Facebook Ads Service: PPC for driving traffic.

What is your Target Audience?

Perth WP Agency offer this service to their customers, and we have defined to offer this service to Micro and Small Businesses on every vertical market.

This means that we can setup Facebook Ads campaigns to Gardeners, Architects, Butty Salons, Spa Centers, Museums, Sports Shops, Dentists…

What are their interests in Facebook Ads? These are the questions that this Audience concerns.

  • How much Facebook Ads costs?
  • Facebook Ads for Non Profits
  • Facebook Advertising Agency
  • Why advertise on Facebook

What do you think: can you write some Blog Posts on your Corporate Blog and answer these questions? Yes, you can, and you need to answer these questions to your Customers.

But, will Facebook Ads specialists read “Why advertise on Facebook?”, or do they search Google this Keyword?

Certainly not.

So, your Customers will search Google for one Keywords, and the Facebook Ads Specialists will search for other keywords.

Moreover, there are Mixed Keywords. That concern both Audiences, in our example, Facebook Ads Customers, and Facebook Ads Specialists, like:

Why do you need this two Audiences?

You need the First Audience, your Target Audience (Customers) for Engagement:

  • Share
  • Comment
  • Like
  • Buy Products

When they meet your Content, they will become part of your Email List, they will share your Articles on Social Media, they will become loyal customers and Audience. You need to attract them with engaging content and convert them to real business evangelists.

The second one, your industry Specialists Audience, you need them, too.

You need them for Search Engine proof. They will cite you, they will link your Content on their Websites. You can make connections with them.

You can establish as an Authority in your Industry. And, after all, you can get on top of Google if you create Content for them.

Final Thought

Create content for your Target Audience and don’t forget your influencers, and authorities in your industry. You need both of them and if you forget one of them, you are loosing good opportunities.

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