Who are your Website Visitors?

Target Group

First, you need to define Target Group for your Business Website, or the group of your prospects. With precise definition of the specific group of customers, you will know whom you are talking to in your marketing messages.

After defining your Target Group, you will need to create Buyer Persona or persona of your ideal customer. When you optimize your Website according to your Buyer Persona, this will help you address your customers based on their needs and requirements.

Most often, people care about their problems and needs to find a solutions and answers about them. That’s why defining Buyer Persona is crucial for successful marketing.

The idea is to know who you are selling to, their thoughts, their needs, their desires.

With this knowledge you are in better position to make successful sales.


How to define

Its not easy to define your Buyer Persona. But, you need to start from somewhere.

You can use Interviews, Surveys from your current client base and create several types of personas.

Ideally, everything that you present on the Home Page and on the other pages should be written for the Buyer Persona.

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