What do you need to Sell Online?

If you want to start selling Online you need to invest in several segments. It’s very similar to offline selling: you need to invest in products that you are going to sell later. So, you need to find suppliers and if the products are not virtual you need to supply inventory etc.

The main point of this article is what you will need from IT perspective, like: Servers, Software etc.

Let’ Start:


As well as every other website, you will need to register domain for your e-commerce website. That is the website name that customers will look for online.

For example try to find if this domain is free on GoDaddy : www.NeedToBuyNow.com


Your e-commerce store has to be hosted on some server, so the customers can access it via Internet and their browsers. There are several types of hosting solutions on the market:

  • Shared Hosting: This is the cheapest solution for hosting and it costs about $50-$100 yearly. This kind of hosting means that on the same Web Server several websites will be hosted. Your e-commerce store will be shared with some other websites and they will share same hardware resources. You can start with this kind of solution, but it is not the recommended solution for e-commerce sites.
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) –  this is the solution where you get the resources as when you buy a computer, for example: 2GB RAM, 40GB hard disk (or SSD), CPU 2.80GHz. But, this server is a part from bigger hardware server with much more RAM memory and lot of CPUs or storage. So, you are sharing resources with other VPSs on same hardware. But, the resources that you will buy are guaranteed like RAM memory and CPUs. On your VPS machine you can install any Operating System like Linux or Windows and then install any software that you want. This kind of solution is much cheaper than dedicated server, but is more expensive than Shared Hosting. The prices are from $400-$600 yearly, it depends on the VPS company.
  • Dedicated Server –  You get hole server (hardware) just for your company and it is more expansive than VPS. Normally, you will get more RAM and storage and other resources like CPUs. Same as on the VPS you can install any OS that you want. But, you will need to configure this server and all the applications, like firewalls, on your own (or we can help you with the configuration).

Digital Certificate

You can learn about digital certificates in this article. They make communication between your store and the browser encrypted and secure.

https protocol image

Payment Gateway

There  are many payment gateways but the most common one is PayPall. Here, in Perth WP Agency, we use WordPress CMS and WooCommerce as an e-commerce solution. WooCommerce has many predefined payment processors like Stripe or PayPall, but you can use other types of payments, too.

Shopping Cart Software

Like we said, we use Woo Commerce. WooCommerce is Shopping cart solution with many features. You can sell any kind of products from Virtual, like eBooks, to psychical products and manage inventory and orders for them.

Is there anything that we missed? Send us a comment!


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