How much to pay for a blog post

If you don’t know by now, your Business blog is a powerful tool to make your message reach new potential customers. It can give your website visitors everything they want to hear and need to know about your company, your products or services, their features and most importantly their benefits.

Visitors will therefore become your leads and then hopefully your customers, but the trick is to hit them with the right content at the right time.

For doing so, you have to create content and that content has to be engaging and useful for your readers. That, most certainly requires time and effort, and if your time is precious, you will have to pay for that content.

Figuring out how much to pay for a blog post is not an easy task. It is a pretty complex question that requires complex answer.


Some guidelines on how much to pay for a blog post

If you are not sure where to start in filling your blog with content, continue reading these guidelines.

First of all: Do you have defined Target Audience? Do you have Content Strategy for that Target Audience? Or, translated: Do you know when and what to write about and who to write your posts for.

If you’ve already completed this task we can continue answering the next question: How much to pay for a blog post?

Otherwise, consider finishing this task first.

Let’s assume you have your content calendar and you know your topics and now you need someone to write your blog posts. How much are you ready to pay that person?

You must know that with the rate you are willing to pay comes the quality of your content. So, do you want to provide your readers quality content or you want to provide Google – stuffed keyword doesn’t matter what kind of quality content to aim for position No.1.

If you want the first one, which you certainly do, don’t think that you can achieve that by paying 5$ for one article, not even $15 per article.

And if you choose the second option, you may find cheap blog posts, but… There is a HUGE BUT: With the new Search algorithms, Google may crack down on your website so that it will affect your ranking position.

So, now that you know that a blog post won’t cost you less than 15$, the next step is to consider:

The topic and the length of your blog posts

Depending on your industry, the topics may be easily digested or not. It also affects the writer. If you give him topics and resources, and he is aware of the industry you are in it can cost you less that asking him be innovative and come up with topics and information on his/her own.

And it is the same with the article length. To write 500 words article will take more time than if you want maximum of 200 words, so, it will cost you more. And for even longer detailed articles you’ll have to be ready to pay even more.

The formatting and the images

If you are expecting to receive a completely ready blog post: well formatted and with relevant images inserted, it will raise the price for a blog post.

The optimization of the blog posts for Search Engines

Optimizing the blog post is another price increasing point of the article. It can include:

  • Optimized Title
  • Keyword inclusion in text
  • Meta description
  • Links in the post
  • Categorization and tags

All of this adds some Bucks in the total blog post price.

The blog promotion on social media

The blogger can promote your blog post if you are not willing to do that on your own or if you don’t have an in-house Social Media Manager. It is another aspect for increasing the price for a blog post.

Comments moderation

The one who has written the article can also moderate and respond to comments, as he/she knows the topic and has already done some researching on it. So, if the writer has to moderate comments for you to have more time for business, you’ll have to be ready to set aside even more $.

Be consistent

Constantly changing writers can seem pretty unprofessional, in my opinion. You will have different voices over different articles and that may confuse readers. So, you may not sound consistent and it can affect your Business, as readers may not get you seriously.

What you should do is hiring a blog writer or an agency on monthly basis so you’d pay for a combination of blog posts, social marketing and maybe some extras. With a long-term contract you can also probably get consistent blog posts at a lower cost.

How to find the perfect writer?

Seek someone for a serious relationship, not just for a one-night stand. Ask for a paid test post and see if he/she covers the subject consistently. If it is OK, continue for a longer term, at least one month. But, I suggest minimum of 3 months.

Then, measure results. What to measure? Profit? No, of course not. You may not see impact on your bottom line after those 3 months.

Measure subscriptions, new leads, shares, social media interactions, comments. If this is going upwards, then your writer is doing a good job. But, if this is not moving, you have to change something. Either find another writer, or tell your current one to change something.

How much have you paid for your last blog post? How much have you been paid for writing a blog post? Share it in comments!
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