Which sites to buy from and what to do when you see https?

You are probably buying things online.

I’m buying online, it’s easy and it’s fun.

What am I buying?

Mostly Books, magazines, courses, cloths. But, you can buy everything online.

Is it secure?

It’s secure, but let’s see what you need to be careful about

Checkout Page

To be sure that you are on the real website, you should check the address bar and see the protocol https:

https protocol image

Every website that is selling something need have security implemented on the Checkout Page. You should be aware of this.

This means that the website has installed Certificate and all the traffic between the server (web page) and the browser will be encrypted.

You can see the digital certificate if you right-click Inspect Element in Chrome, in the Security tab:

digital certificate chrome inspect secure tab Perth WP Agency Image

You can see if it is issued by a proper Company or Website and you can check the end date.

If the certificate is not valid you should not buy from that site.

The same is if the site hasn’t certificate. Don’t order from sites that haven’t installed digital certificates. Anyone that will intercept the traffic between your browser and the server where the website is hosted can steal credentials and credit card numbers.

There are certificates that are issued to Companies and they validate the Company Name and details not only the domain. They are more expensive, about >$200/year, for example:

company validation ssl certificate Perth WP Agency Image

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