Facebook Advertising Tips 2018

Facebook Advertising Tips 2018


For better understanding “48 Facebook Advertising Tips” you need to get familiar with how Facebook Campaign is Structured.

So, let’s look into Facebook Campaign Structure first.

Structuring your Facebook campaigns

Facebook gives good explanation about how their Campaigns are Structured. Accourding to Facebook there are 3 levels:

  • Campaign
  • Advert Set (Ad Set)
  • Advert (Ad)

Structuring Facebook Campaigns Perth WP Agency image

Therefore, one Campaign can have more Ad Sets, and one Ad Set contains more Ads.

In the Ad Sets you can set:

  • Scheduling
  • Budget
  • Bidding
  • Targeting
  • Placement

Ads includes creative:

  • Headline
  • Text
  • Call-to-Action Button (optional)
  • Images
  • News Feed Link Description

Facebook Creating Ad Perth WP Agency

Creating Campaign and Campaign Objectives

Create a Campaign by selecting an objective for the kind of results you want for your ads.

All the Ad Sets and Ads in your campaign will also focus on that objective.


Creating New Campaign Perth WP Agency image


TIP 1: For different Business Goals create different Facebook Campaigns

When you start creating new Facebook Campaign, Facebook asks you to choose objective for your Campaign.
Currently, there are 9 options. Facebook frequently changes Ad Manager software, so this window tomorrow may be different from the picture above.

So, if you want more Facebook likes, you need to choose objective: Promote your Page.

If you need more Website visits or traffic you can select: Send people to your Website.

Don’t be afraid to play with this Primary campaign Goals. Create campaigns and test them.


TIP 2: Create a separate Ad Set for each audience.
Determine the audiences you want to target.

You can target your audience by:

  • Country, state
  • City
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Interest
  • Behaviors, Language, Education, Politics…

Targeting Audience Perth WP Agency image

You will also set:

  • Your budget,
  • Schedule,
  • Bidding and placement for each of your Ad Sets.

Facebook Ads Bidding Perth WP Agency image

Create a separate ad set for each audience
(for example, Males 18–24, Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences etc.)

Setting a different audience for each Ad Set minimizes the risk that your Ad Sets will compete against each other

TIP 3: Do your split testing to find out what works best

When you first start with Facebook Advertising you don’t know what works best.

You need to start with Split Testing.

What you can test?

  • Test different target audiences by creating Different Ad Sets.
  • Test several different images before you find the one that performs best.
  • You can test different Campaign objectives
  • Test creative part: Text, Headlines, Images

Do your testing and keep changing things up until you find what works best for you.

Facebook Split Test Perth WP Agency image

TIP 4: Make different Campaigns for mobile and desktop

If you use objective: Website Clicks and you choose placement both mobile and desktop, then you have a problem.

Your Campaign will not be served as you expected it to be served.What do you expect?

If you are like me, I expect my Ad to be served equally to mobile and desktop.

But this is not true. Facebook decides which ad is performing best and then serves only the best performing ad.

Facebook Ads Mobile Vs Desktop Perth WP Agency


What is the problem here? The problem is that, people tend to click lot more on mobile than those on desktop, so the ad will stop showing on desktop and only show on mobile.

Well that’s fine, but a lot of mobile traffic is unintentional and does not convert well – so split mobile ads from desktop ads and Facebook will show your ads equally across the platforms.

TIP 5: Use Ad Scheduling – Not All Hours Are the Same

Facebook Ad Scheduling Perth WP Agency Image

The time period of the day the ads are shown has a big impact on the performance.

Set your Facebook campaign to only run at times which you feel is optimal for getting the right audience and clicks.

Without dayparting, your ad impressions may be wasted at times when people aren’t thinking about using your service – in the middle of the night.

You can also have two campaigns which run at opposite times to see which provides better returns.

You need to know this feauture works only with Lifteme Budget type.

Scheduling your ads as part of your Facebook marketing strategy will increase your performance.


TIP 6: Try Facebook Offers to capture attention

Only Business with a physical store were let to use Facebook Offers for creating Ads – and they worked as emailed coupons.

But, now any kind of business can use Offers as a Facebook advertising method.

So, why don’t use Facebook Offers to generate leads?

If you have a service rather expensive for users to buy at the same moment they click on the Ad, try creating an Offer to promote something FREE in return for an user’s email address.

Facebook Offer Perth WP Agency Image
You can choose to give away free content – ebook, whitepaper, case study for the user to leave his email address. Or, you can create special offer limited in time or with discount and the user to use a coupon in your store.

Either way you will need a Landing Page where the visitor will be able to leave his email and/or name. Then, you can create the Offer linking to the Landing Page.

TIP 7: Use your Facebook ads to highlight special deals

You can create a Facebook Campaign to promote your latest deal or sale. That way you will get users’ attention to what you are offering at the moment.

TIP 8:  Increase conversions on your website: Add a conversion pixel to track conversions

Send people to your website to take a specific action, like signing up for a free piece of Content on your Landing Page.

Use a conversion pixel in your Thank You page to measure your results.

It will show you how your ad is performing and how many conversions you have from your ad. You can measure ROI this way, which is the most important parameter in marketing.


TIP 9: Use Custom Audiences to create Keyword based campaigns

You can use Google Adwords keyword based traffic and create custom audiences in Facebook – those who visited your Website.

So, by using custom audiences for creating a Facebook remarketing campaign,  with help of  Google Adwords you can target people that came to your website based on keyword searching.

Good workaround on Facebook missing feature, keyword based advertising.Keyword Campaign Perth WP Agency image


TIP 10: Optimize your Landing Page for the targeted Facebook traffic

Whatever your goal is, generating leads or selling products, don’t confuse your visitors.

Optimize your Landing Page, so that it tells the visitor what exactly he should do next.  Create clear Call to Action.

Otherwise, you will be spending your money in vain if your Landing Page doesn’t convert targeted Facebook traffic directed to it.

Facebook Ads Call To Action Perth WP Agency

TIP 11: Do Not Send Traffic Straight to a Sales Page

This is especially for products and services that are more expensive and the decision process is much longer.

You can offer some valuable content (help or some results of their interest) for free to get your prospects’ emails in return.
That way, when you give them your offer they will be more prepared to buy your solution.


Facebook Ads Sales Page Perth WP Agency

Digital marketing is all about creating loyal audience that you can follow up. If you use that and follow up regularly you can build trust with your audience and generate more sales.

All of this takes time and you must be patient so that you can achieve great results.

TIP 12: Use “Like” Ads to get more fans for your Page

What you need for your Business is community. You can turn that community into leads or customers by engaging them with interesting posts content.
To build a community for your Business, you can use objective Promote your Page.

This way you can grow your Facebook fan base.

These ads are useful for Businesses who are starting with Facebook.

These “Like Ads” perform well when they appear in the right-hand column, so don’t limit them just to the News Feed.

TIP 13: Promote your Posts

Promoting (Boosting) posts can make you more visible on Facebook. So why not promote your content to engage larger audience?
That can help you improve your targeting and optimize your future campaigns.

However, don’t be spammy in promoting your posts.

Once in a while a targeted Facebook user (you should use targeting here, also) wouldn’t mind seeing your sponsored story as it may get him interested.

But, if he sees it very often (let’s say every day) he may complain that they are spam.
You can, also increase your fan base by inviting those who liked your post and haven’t liked your Page already.

Facebook Ads Boost Post Image


TIP 14: Know Your Audience

Most people focus on beautiful creative and effective copy but don’t invest enough time working on the Audience.

Facebook Ads Know Your Audience Perth WP Agency Image

By knowing who your audience is you are able to use Facebook’s robust targeting options to focus on specific groups and create campaigns resonate deeply with the segment you are targeting.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • How old is my ideal prospect?
  • Where does my ideal prospect live?
  • How can I create my ad so it speaks specifically to my target demographic?

The more specific your advertising segment and ad are the more clicks your ad will get.

An important thing to remember about Facebook advertising is the better your click through rate (CTR) is, the cheaper your clicks will be!

TIP 15: Pick a wide audience

When you target your ads it’s tempting to get super-specific with your ad targeting. Resist that temptation.
Research your audiences extensively and try to find one which includes your target audience, but one which also has a broad enough reach so that you have a much better chance of success.

Ad performance comes down to how many people click – and they can’t click if you exclude them from your target audience.

You may miss qualified leads with too many audience filters.

TIP 16:  Re-marketing with Website Custom Audiences

  • You can build an audience of people who have already visited your site and remarked to them through Facebook.

Put a Facebook-generated pixel on your website. All visitors to your site will be added to your target audience automatically.

Facebook Ads Create Custom Audiences Perth WP Agency image


  • You can also build your custom audience from your customer email list.

Your best advertising targets will be people who have already shown interest in your product or service.

Custom Audiences Perth WP Agency Image

  • One more option is introduced by Facebook: Lookalike Audience

You can define audience similar to your audience: Reach new people who are similar to an audience you care about

FB Ads Look a like Audience Perth WP Agency image



Facebook allows you to chose from a number of different bid setups for controlling Facebook advertising costs. You can bid for clicks, impressions, or your desired objective (e.g., Facebook page likes).


TIP 17: Bid based on your objective

The default option for bidding is based on your objective.

This way your bid will be automatically set to help you reach your objective.

If you bid on clicks or impressions you can customize your bidding according to your needs.

TIP 18: Let Facebook decide how much to pay for CPM

Facebook knows best how to optimize your bidding according to your goals.

So just tell Facebook your objective and choose Default Bids in the Optimization & Pricing section.

They will adjust the bidding for ad space to maximize your goal.

Facebook Ads Bidding Perth WP Agency



TIP 19: Measure and improve CTR

Facebook ads are display ads and not search ads like Google ads, so the average CTR (Click through Rate) percentage of Facebook ads is only 0.1% as compared to Google’s 1%.

Facebook ads CTR Perth WP Agency Image

So, make sure you target CTR and not just focus only on CPC (Cost per Click) because the higher the CTR’s the lower will be you pay on CPC, making it more and more affordable.


According to Facebook these are guide lines about Creative part of your Campaign:

1. Image: The images you choose have a big impact on how people respond to your adverts, particularly in News Feed
2. Headline: A good headline grabs people’s attention, but also tells them what the advert is about
3. Text: Tell people a bit more about your URL. Make sure you clearly explain what you’re promoting.
4. Call to action: Include a call-to-action button, like Shop Now or Sign Up to tell people what you’d like them to do
5. News Feed link description: Tell customers where they’re clicking to and what to expect once they get there


TIP 20: Use high-quality images

Facebook recommends uploading an image that is 1200×627 pixels for your ads.

Use high-quality images and make sure your image is at least 600 pixels wide for appearing in the News Feed.

TIP 21: Use relevant photos

Since 80% of the impact is created in the image, make sure you choose the right set of images for your advertisement.

Photos that are bright, eye-catching and relevant to your product or service tend to look best in News Feed.

Use striking, eye-catching and crowd-pulling images.

Choose close up pictures that are positive, vibrant and attention-grabbing.

Also, go for images that are comprehensible in its allotted space.

TIP 22: You can upload as many as 6 photos

You only need 1 photo to create an ad, but you can upload as many as 6 and test different ones.

Add multiple images to your ads

Add multiple images to a Facebook PPC ad for extra variety and to test how different images coupled with your ad text perform. You can upload up to six images to accompany your ads at no extra cost.

FB Ads Multiple Images Perth WP Agency image

TIP 23: Image are no more than 20% text

Ensure your image is no more than 20% text.

Facebook has a grid tool to help ensure that your image ad follows the guidelines, but as Jon Loomer has noted, sometimes you can get around this simply by moving your text around slightly.

Facebook Ads Grid Tool Perth Wp Agency Picture

Make sure your image-based ads don’t get penalized before they get results!

TIP 24: Stay Away from Blue and White

One thing you have to take into consideration when you create Facebook ads is the colors of the image.

Since everything on Facebook is white and blue, an ad with a white and blue image is a disaster.

Facebook Ads Blue Images Perth Wp Agency Image

It will just blend into the background. Instead you should go for colors that stand out – bright red and green have proven to be good attention grabbers.


TIP 25: Include discounts and offers whenever possible

Ad Deals Example Perth Wp Agency Image

TIP 26: Include a urgency when appropriate

Words like “now” and “today” and phrases like “limited time” can help emphasize the importance of taking action.

TIP 27: Engage your audience

Ask questions to engage your audience, get product feedback and show customers that you care.

TIP 28: Be Informative

One thing Facebook says in their advertising guidelines is to “keep it simple” and this really applies to the body text of an ad.

Explain what’s good about your product and why people should click.

Don’t write empty phrases about you being “world leaders” and “a great company.”

The web community is getting immune to these clichés – especially when we hear them from the company itself.

TIP 29: Don’t Brag or Lie

You should also stick to the truth, which is true in every part of the ad.

You might get a lot of clicks if you bend the truth a little, but you’ll have a hard time turning clicks into likes or sales when the landing page can’t live up to the visitors’ expectations.

All in all, explain the benefits of your products, tell your unique selling point, don’t brag and try not to sound like everybody else.

TIP 30: Incorporate emotion

And if you can incorporate some emotion in your ad, you might be creating a winner.


TIP 31: Create a Capturing Ad Title

Use a short, clear headline that tells people what your advert is about

With 25 characters you have to explain why people should click on your ad and perhaps more importantly, why they should follow your instruction when they reach their destination whether it’s liking your fan page or making a purchase in your web shop.

TIP 32: Use your image as a guide

Your headline should provide context to the image you’ve selected

TIP 33: Create a Clear Call to Action

The best ads are often clickable even without the body text. The image and the title should together explain what the ad is about and give the visitor a reason to click through.

Therefore you should try to include your offer in the title. Make it a clear call to action.

Do you run a 70% sale, write that; do you sell phones for $20, write that; do you offer free downloads for your web application, write that.

TIP 34: Use Brand Name in the Title

If you look at Facebook’s own guidelines for advertising, they suggest you should use your company name in the title – especially if your goal is brand recognition.

But just as an unrecognized logo doesn’t add any real value to your ad, a brand name that very few know about doesn’t make it stand out.

Again, if your brand is strong, take advantage of that. If not, try another message.

Finally, make sure you capitalize correctly. Don’t have all letters in upper or lower case, it just means you either scream or whisper. Follow these guidelines and you’ll get it right.


TIP 35: Video ads

Top tip for Facebook advertisers in 2015 is to consider the use of video.

Plenty of data exists to support that video outperforms other types of content in terms of engagement but many companies still aren’t using it. Why?

Generally the answer I hear is because they don’t have video content and they feel that producing video is too complex and costly. The reality is that today there are a variety of solutions to fit almost any budget.

If you’re a small or medium business, creating a basic 30 second profile video for your company provides an asset that can be used as both a video ad as well as on your website to improve SEO.


TIP 36: Update your cover photo

Change your Facebook cover to mix things up. Changing a cover photo to reflect a season or time of year shows fans that you are making an effort to be active and stay relevant. Updating your cover photo to advertise a special sale or giveaway will also help those events get more attention than they might receive otherwise.

TIP 37: Keep it short

Concise posts tend to fare better than their lengthier counterparts – it’s recommended that you trim down your words to somewhere between 100 and 250 characters for optimal engagement. No one’s looking to read the next great American novel in their News Feed.

TIP 38: Post frequently and consistently

Don’t worry about overdoing the posts – as long as they are spaced evenly through the day, you’ll be fine. Only 16% of your fans will see one post (if even that), as news feeds easily become over populated. The more you post, the better your chances are of being seen. However, do remember to focus on quality over quantity – every post should be of value, not just something thrown quickly together.

TIP 39: Deliver shout outs with Facebook tagging

Including tags in your posts is a great way to broaden your exposure, especially when working with other organizations. If you run a doggy grooming company and are giving away Petco squeaky toys, tag them with an @Petco. When they see the tag, they’ll be more likely to share your post with their fans, multiplying your reach by a ton! There’s no reason not to be generous with tags. Tag conferences you’re attending, businesses whose articles you’re sharing, favorite clients, etc. Everyone likes to get noticed, and they’ll remember that you were the one to put them in the limelight.

TIP 40: #Hash it out

In a similar vein, Facebook has hashtags enabled and you might as well use them. Hashtags are a great tool for promoting a specific campaign you want to raise awareness of (like our own recent #GradeAndGetPaid). It’s a nice way to seamlessly connect Twitter and Facebook marketing efforts. Hashtags also help categorize your posts by topic, and while the popularity of Facebook hashtags isn’t exactly skyrocketing, you can search hashtag terms to discover fan conversations you may want to participate in.

TIP 41: Share testimonials on Facebook

Testimonials are always powerful, and that rule continues on Facebook. However, it’s good to think outside the box when delivering testimonials on a social network. Rather than bland words, incorporate photos, videos, or other media.

TIP 42: Ask questions!

Facebook users love to get their voices out and feel heard. Try incorporating questions or surveys into your posts for engagement. Keep the questions simple though – no one feels like filling out the SATs on Facebook.

TIP 43: Share exclusive content for Facebook fans

Posting special, top secret content just for fans on Facebook adds a sense of exclusivity and belonging for your following. Post information or tidbits they might not find elsewhere.

TIP 44: Share fan-created content

Sharing fan-made content is a great way to bolster a true sense of community among your followers. It shows that you care and makes fans feel valued and appreciated – who doesn’t want that?

TIP 45: Fill in the blanks

Another strategic post format to drive engagement is the fill in the _____ tactic. Users’ eyes are drawn to the _________, and getting eyeballs is half the battle. Make sure to incorporate a large colorful photo for added attention. Track your engagement metrics and see how the post performs!

TIP 46: Don’t quote me on this, but quotes rock

Posts involving inspiring or life-affirming quotes often perform very well. For an added bonus, attach a photo to your quote – even better, do Pinterest-style image/quote overlay. People eat that stuff up!

TIP 47: Jump on the meme wagon

Memes work on the same principle as quotes, but with auto meme generators they are easier to create. Folks love ‘em though! We create our own PPC memes from time to time and they tend to do well.



TIP 48: Are you starting your first Facebook campaign?

Or, are you struggling to achieve good results from your Facebook campaigns?

If so, it is very likely that you don’t have much experience with Facebook advertising.  You should know that to achieve good results from your campaigns you need time to test audience, budget, ads design.
If you don’t have time to do that or to take some training course for Facebook advertising, think about delegating your campaign management to someone experienced.

You can get very cost effective outcome from the campaign as you will have a professional help with your ad management.


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