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We would like to introduce you to the Autopsy of Facebook Ads: Real Examples with Real Analysis.

If you are new to Facebook Advertising and you are full with questions, you can read about the pros and cons of real examples.

You need to have a lot of knowledge for creating successful Facebook Ad

  • that will drive traffic to your Website
  • generate leads and build your List
  • make sells and grow your business

You need to know things from different topics like

  • copywriting
  • designing
  • web designing
  • inbound marketing
  • online marketing

So, we decided to analyze several Facebook Ads every week, so that you learn from our experienced eye what is ok or what is wrong when you create Facebook Ads or a Landing Page.

But, it will be a good journey and we would be pleased if you contribute in our analysis and write your thoughts into the comment section.

Together, we can learn some hidden techniques for creating Winning Facebook Ads.

So, let’s start with the first Facebook Ad example and analyse it.

EXAMPLE #1 – Facebook Ad example

facebook ads example Perth WP Agency Image  The first example that we will analyze is a right column Facebook Ad and it consists of 4 main elements:

  • Picture
  • Headline: Grow Your Business online Without a List
  • Website URL: Action Guide & Video Training ~ Download
  • Text: Learn the critical things you need to know to launch a successful business online!

In Website URL section we can see that there is a Call-to-Action -> “Download”. 


Since 80% of the impact is created from the image, it needs to be eye-catching and relevant to your product or service.

So, here we have high quality picture with some text on it.

The text is written with a non-default font and that is good, because it differentiates from other Ads that use standard fonts.

So, TIP 1: When you design image for Facebook Ads don’t use standard fonts

There are 3 lines of text on the image. The first line is big and readable, but the second line is too small. The third line is also readable but it’s not eye-catching.

The photo is with many people rising hands that associate to Success. So, the image is relevant to the product, in this Facebook Ad.

Maybe it is too dark, with Blue shade, not appropriate for Facebook Ads, because Facebook is Blue.

TIP 2: Use colors different than Blue because Facebook’s user interface is blue.

The bottom orange border line with 3 arrows that points to the Headline is a winning strategy for this Facebook Ad. It’s eye-catching and gets a lot attention for visitors and also points to Headline that you need to read.

TIP 3: Use borders when it is meaningful for your Image. Don’t overuse them inappropriately.


Grow Your Business Online Without a List -> we can see that the first letters are capitalized. Probably the author wants to get attention with capitalizing the first letters of the words. Some copywriters suggest this technique for the Headline, and we support this for grabbing attention.

TIP 4: Capitalize first letters of the words in the Headline for grabbing attention.

We can see that there is paint point for all new marketers that the author mentions in the Headline: growing business without list. This sentence, also contains Promise.

This is strong Headline, because prompts curiosity, and that is: how to grow online business without owning a list. Everyone that has this kind of problem will click on the link, to see what the author suggests, what is solution to this problem.

Website URL – in this field is the url where visitors will go after clicking the Facebook Ad. Normally, this is the domain name of the website. However, there is no domain name in this ad, but text like “Action Guide & Video Training ~ Download”. This is enigma to us, how this has happened.

TEXT Autopsy

The Ad text “Learn the critical things you need to know to launch a successful business online!” is somehow broad against the headline, because there are many models of online businesses, and it’s very hard to separate critical things for all business models.

In the headline the main benefit is Growing Business, and here in the text is Launch a Successful business. So, the audience may get confused what the Ad is about? Growing is different than Launching.

We can see the letters are not capitalized here, because this is text, not headline. The visitors need to read the text not to get their attention.

TIP 5: Don’t Capitalize letters in Facebook Ads Text.

RoundUp End

That’s it. Maybe you’ve learned something new from this Autopsy. This is our first roundup, we didn’t analyze the Landing Page, but in other RoundUps we will.

Landing Pages are also very important part of Marketing Funnels.

If you find this helpful please subscribe to our blog list and stay tuned with lots of new information.

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