Do you want to attract more Leads and Customers? Then it’s time to define your Buyer Persona…

Detailed definition of your Buyer Persona will

  • Help you where to focus
  • Guide you for new product development
  • Attract the most wanted visitors, prospects and customers for your business


What is Buyer Persona?

It is a semi-fiction representation of your Ideal Customer.

It’s based on marketing research of real data from your existing customer database.

When you are defining Buyer Persona you need to include:

  • demographic data of customers
  • customer’s behavior
  • their motivation and
  • their goals

The more detailed you are in the research, the better.


How to define it?

In “who are your visitors” we said that you need to organize Interviews and Polls.

Here you can find FREE template and that can help you start defining Buyer Persona for your business.


Who are you selling to?

One of the most important Marketing questions is  – are you selling to yourself?

Many business owners have tendency to market their products like they sell them to themselves, rather than to their clients and customers.

If you are lawyer, and your potential customers are lawyers, too, that will be fine.

But, if you are selling to people with different needs than yours, you need to change your marketing messages and focus

For example:

Many WebDesign Studios websites are full of jargon like HTML5, CSS, Responsive Design, but very few terms about their customer (businesses) needs.

Customers want to here about how well designed website can improve their business, and how it will generate more leads etc.

Your marketing message need to identify with customer needs and requirements.


Look at your marketing message from your audience’s view.

Do you use their voice?

Sometimes, we use industry jargon that is confusing or hard to comprehend for others.

Speak about Benefits not the Features, and you will attract more customers.


Do you know your Customers and their needs? Call us! We can define your Buyer Persona together.


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