Why content is more important than design?


In the process of creating your Website the most important part is Content. Design is something that comes second. At this moment, the most successful Websites, that are visited by millions of people, are Blogs.

So, it’s not about better design or which website has more options or tools. Both, the design and the options have less influence compared to the message witch the Website conveys.

Like many other users, I am connected with the content of some websites, too. I’m connecting more with the content, because I want to read and learn something from it, not with design.

The design may impress me at first, but if there is no content that will keep me engaged or resonate with my desires and feelings, I will not bookmark that site, no matter how beautiful it is.


Design is also very important, but in a manner to help visitors interact with the content more easily.

That’s why, before creating a Website, we need to define the content first and then based on that we create the Design.

Our opinion is that , this way we will get better results, because design will take the visitors through the key messages. Messages then will lead visitors to take Action.

How important is content for your Business Website? Do you spend enough time to come up with content for your Website?

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