29 03, 2018

Do you want to attract more Leads and Customers? Then it’s time to define your Buyer Persona…

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Detailed definition of your Buyer Persona will Help you where to focus Guide you for new product development Attract the most wanted visitors, prospects and customers for your business   What is Buyer Persona? It [...]

21 03, 2018

Attract online audience fast: Get focus on one medium at a time!

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By using Content Marketing you can increase the number of Leads which will then increase your sales. At the moment, there is a big race among the brands to create Original Content, so the number [...]

13 03, 2018

Business Sources Online: What Google Analytics Acquisition Channels Really Mean?

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Google Analytics Acquisition Channels If you open Acquisition Overview in Google Analytics you can see 4 main channels for traffic sources: Direct Social Organic Search Referral But, what does this mean for your business? Let's explore them [...]

21 02, 2018

How to create Unique Value Proposition for your Website

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There are many good articles for uvp but I have summarized the main points from different sources. What is a Unique Value Proposition? One of the biggest reasons businesses struggle in today’s market is because [...]

20 02, 2018

Get the foundation done: Online marketing platform for your business

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You have your business website for some time. But, you don't have time to manage your website and it is in the same condition as you have built it. And you have a product that [...]

20 02, 2018

Why do you need to define Target Audience for your Business?

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Who do you sell your products to? One of the most important questions is: Do you sell them to yourself? Picture this: Peter is passionate about software development and the newest software technologies. He has [...]