Better Website Results with Analytics

If you don’t have Google Analytics or some other tool for website traffic analysis already integrated, it’s better for you to integrate it now!

With this tool you will get very important data about your Website Traffic and you will get the hole picture about your business clients.

When we talk about Website Traffic, we mean how many and what kind of visitors come to your Website.

If you analyze this traffic with Google Analytics, you can get a picture of your visitors and:

  • What they are viewing on your Website
  • Which path they choose to find you

and, certainly many other metrics. Just activate it on your Website.

So, what can you find out?

  • Who are your visitors
  • Where they are coming from
  • What OS, Network, Screen Resolution, Device Types they use

And then, some new added data, like:

  • Gander
  • Age
  • Interest etc.

Google adds many new options everyday and they change the User interface, so you need to use it often and become familiar with it.

You can also analyze statistics in some date range and see results in Graph view. You can set date range for daily, monthly or yearly view.

One big benefit is that you will be engaged on daily basis and it will improve your previous results.

Also, a good option is the analytics in real time.

WordPress Integration

Here at Perth WP Agency we use Google Analytics by MonsterInsights and we can set it up for your Website, too.

Do you use Google Analytics for your business? Call us and we will help you with the integration and the analytics of your results.
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